Meet the Pastors

Pastor Cheryl’s parents pioneered a church that reached out to the lost and hurting people of their community in the 1960’s, so she has been around ministry most of her life. Meeting David Wilkerson at the age of 12 impacted her life, giving her a heart to reach for the seemingly hopeless in society.

Pastor KC loves the outdoors and has a calling to raise up men, young and old, with a Fathers Mantle. Pastor Cheryl loves to reach out to women of all ages to train them to reach their full potential in Christ. They both have a passion for living life in the Blessing and loving people and teaching and training them to live in the Blessing!

God brought Cheryl and KC together at a young age and after surviving troubled times, they have a powerful call to reach the lost. They have a business that God uses to outreach over the nation, as well as pastoring which is what they are most passionate about. Jesus is the Center of it all!